Available Topics for Bachelor/Master Theses

List of possible topics for Bachelor and Master theses at the Lehrstuhl SWT.

Available Topics for Bachelor/Master-Thesis

Topics Available for Bachelor/Master Theses [edit]

(Current as of 6 April 2020)

Topics in Progress for Bachelor/Master Theses [edit]

Completed Bachelor/Master Theses [edit]

  • T. N. N., BahnDSL: A Domain-Specific Language for Configuring and Controlling Railways, Master Thesis, May 2020
  • N. G., Software Support for the Timetabling of Lectures and Practicals at the WIAI Faculty, Bachelor Thesis, September 2018
  • L. D., Memory Snapshot Alignment for Data Structure Discovery, Master Thesis, February 2017
  • A. K., Testautomatisierung für den Softwarekomponententest der Bremssteuerungssoftware im Schienenverkehr der Siemens AG, Bachelor Thesis, September 2017
  • J. B., Automated Generation of Data Structure Annotations for Pointer Program Verification, October 2016
  • Ch. M., On Parallelizations of the K-Means Clustering Algorithm, Bachelor Thesis, August 2016
  • K. W., Heap Visualisation Using Interactive Memory Graphs, Bachelor Thesis, May 2016
  • J. G., Prototypical Integration of the Model Interface Automata Theory in Google Go, October 2015
  • J. M. R., Evaluation and Development of Program Obfuscation Techniques to Break Repetitive Program Behaviour, Bachelor Thesis, August 2014
  • L. D., Multidimensional Repetitive Pattern Discovery for Locationg Data Structure Operations, Bachelor Thesis, May 2012
  • J. D., Automatisierung funktionaler Test für eine agil-entwickelte, webbasierte ERP-Software für Druckereien, Bachelor Thesis, October 2012
  • T. R., Evaluation of Photo-Realistic Scene Drawing Algorithms Using CUDA, Master Thesis, May 2011
  • A. R., Entwicklung einer erweiterbaren Software Architektur für Informationsterminals, Bachelor Thesis, December 2010