Modelling and Verification of a Model Railway

The Software Technologies Research Group (SWT) has built a digital model railway (SWTbahn [1–2]) for use in teaching. SWTbahn consists of hardware tracks, signals, points, and trains, and software for monitoring and controlling railway routes and trains. It gives students a realistic case study to support their learning of important principles in the design, programming, and verification of safety-critical systems. In particular, students can design algorithms to schedule trains and manage train routes, and have them automatically verified, e.g., by a model checker such as nuXmv. Such verification, however, requires certain aspects of SWTbahn to be captured in a computer-readable model.

This thesis shall:   
(i) Investigate state-of-the-art modelling techniques for railway systems in the context of verification (e.g., [3]) and their applicability to the SWTbahn;   
(ii) Design and develop models for core aspects of SWTbahn (e.g., railway network, signalling, and trains) based on SWTbahn documentation and configuration files;   
(iii) Apply formal verification tools (e.g., [4-5]) to verify safety properties of the developed models.

The ideal student for this thesis topic will have a keen interest in modeling and formal verification. Knowledge in formal verification tools, e.g., acquired in the module Applied Software Verification (SWT-ASV-M), would be advantageous. Missing knowledge in some areas or technologies can be acquired during the thesis.

Supervisor Bernhard Luedtke
Suitable for
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