Requirements Documentation and Traceability for SWTbahn

The Software Technologies Research Group (SWT) uses a digital model railway (SWTbahnfor teaching. It serves as an educational case study for students to experience important elements of requirements engineering, design, programming, and verification for safety-critical systems. Due to the continuous evolution of SWTbahn’s requirements to meet teaching needs, impact analysis has become increasingly relevant.

This thesis shall conduct a change impact analysis on SWTbahn to establish clear links between its evolving formal requirements, software components and other artefacts. In particular, this thesis shall

(a) explore requirements management and impact analysis tools, and select an appropriate method to realize an impact analysis for SWTbahn;
(b) reorganize the existing SWTbahn documentation and artefacts in preparation for an impact analysis. It may be necessary to propose improvements to the existing documentation, requirements, or artefacts to ensure a successful impact analysis; and
(c) evaluate the chosen impact analysis method on linking SWTbahn’s requirements to existing artefacts, and reflect on the appropriateness of the chosen method.

The ideal student for this thesis topic will have a keen interest in requirements engineering and safety-critical systems. Missing knowledge in some areas or technologies can be acquired during the thesis.

Supervisor Johanna Seibert
Suitable for
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