-- The University Library on site --

The website of the University Library hosts a wealth of information, including but not limited to:

  • Online tutorials & explanatory videos
    • Online catalogue tutorials
    • Interlibrary loan tutorial
    • Database tutorial
    • Managing your references with Zotero
    • and many more
  • How to find your way around the library (checking out items, shelfmarks, etc.)
  • Tips on searching for literature

The University Library catalogue should be the first place where you start your literature search.

-- Databases available via the University Library --

Besides the central catalogue, the University Library provides you access to a wide range of other databases. Here you find a list of databases that are relevant for students of English linguistics:

-- Software for handling secondary literature --

Using specialized software for handling your secondary literature will definitely make your life as a student easier.

Citavi is a professional software for handling secondary literature. It is only available for Windows and the University no longer provides a campus license. Switching to Zotero is recommended.

Zotero is a freeware alternative to Citavi that runs on all major operating systems and is recommended by the Bamberg University Library.

>> Tutorial: Managing your references with Zotero

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