Improved File Ordering for Modern Code Reviews

Modern Code Review (MCR) is a light-weight code review practice that is adopted commonly in both in open source and industrial contexts. MCR is characterized as asynchronous, change-based and tool-assisted. 

Most MCR tools display the file changes either in the order they appear in the related project or in alphabetical order. This is not necessarily the optimal order for the reviewer to comprehend the relevant program changes.

This project shall
(i) build a dataset of code review comments from Open Source Projects using the Github-API (

(ii) compare the distribution of comments with the file order presented by the tool

(iii) derive principals for optimal file ordering based on the findings

The ideal student for this thesis project does have a strong interest in software quality and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. 
Experience in querying via APIs is beneficial.

Supervisor Kerstin Jacob
Suitable for
Bacchelli, A. & Bird, C., 2013. Expectations, outcomes, and challenges of modern code review. s.l., IEEE Computer Society, pp. 712-721..

Baum, T., Schneider, K. & Bacchelli, A., 2017. On the Optimal Order of Reading Source Code Changes for Review. s.l., IEEE Computer Society, pp. 329-340.

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