How to install QUITA - step by step

While the installation of QUITA itself is unproblematic, meeting the requirements for running QUITA can be tricky.

Meeting the requirements

Before we can make use of all functions of QUITA, it is necessary to install a Python 2.X distribution along with the Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK) and NumPy (python package for scientific computing).

Python2: Download and installation

At the time of writing, the most recent version of Python2 is version 2.7.9, but any version of Python2 >2.6 will do.

Please download and install with the default setup options.

NumPy: Download and installation

NLTK: Installation and setup

  • Open command promp as administrator and run “pip install nltk”
    • Click on the start button
    • Enter “cmd” in the search bar
    • Right click on cmd.exe and click “Run as Administrator”/“Als Administrator ausführen”

  • In the new command prompt window, enter “pip install nltk” and confirm by hitting enter

  • In order to download all NLTK relevant data, type “python -m nltk.downloader -all”
    THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE! Wait for the message “[nltk_data] Done downloading collection all”

  • You can close the command prompt now

Download and install QUITA

QUITA can be obtained from this website:

Please download the latest version, execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions on screen.

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